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Amy McAuley

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13 June 1972
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I am the author of VIOLINS OF AUTUMN.

Seventeen-year-old Betty, an American living in England during WWII, trains as a spy and parachutes into German-occupied France to join the Resistance. After meeting a young American pilot she begins to realize fully the brutality of the war and their dangerous position. Coming June 19, 2012, published by Walker Childrens.

"McAuley does a fine job of weaving historical events into the story of a young woman coming of age in a most dramatic fashion. Spying, having run-ins with German soldiers, watching people die—there is something on almost every page to make readers catch their breaths."

"McAuley (Over and Over You) has clearly done her research; historical facts are smoothly woven into the narrative, and the details of Betty’s assignments, such as spying on a factory or passing along codes, feel real. ...Betty is a daring and relatable heroine, and the challenges she faces will keep readers engaged."
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